Dear Joshua,
I neglected to tell you how much I love my new fountain. It's installed on the South side of the house where I lost a large apple tree last tree. I was so sad when that tree died because of many fond memories. The fountain is more than I could have asked for. The blue jays are enjoying the water and it makes me realize that I ought to have more bird baths. I think people are surprised when they turn the corner to see this stone fountain sitting looking so elegant against the hill. We also put little lights around it so I can see it at night.

Anyway, I am so glad I found your card.

Dear Joshua,
I'm sorry we didn't email you after we got the stones installed to let you know how it went. The three stones are absolutely exquisite. The color blends in beautifully with the surroundings and they are the perfect shape for that setting! It is exactly what I had in mind. Everyone who has seen them has just raved about them! I gave your contact information to one of the other members of our church yesterday, as well. As soon as we get the plantings in place we'll send you pictures. I can't think of a more suitable memorial for my parents.

Thank you so much!

Kathleen and Josh,
I tried to call you today to say how much I like that rock. It has made a fabulous fountain. We have done a little landscaping around it but have more to do. Thank you for working with us to get something that is really special.


We thought you would like see how are fountain looks in our garden one year later. We get lots of compliments on both.

Please tell Josh we love his work. Feel free to use us as references.

Paula and Ben
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