Range West fountains are worked by hand by Stone Artist Joshua Gannon from granite, basalt or other beautiful rock from New Mexico. These one-of-a-kind fountains add tranquility and the soothing sound of water to any setting.

Each fountain is priced individually based on character, weight and amount of stonework. We have developed a pricing guide to give customers an idea of what a particular size may cost. Not all fountain prices will follow the guide, although most will.

Flat Stone Fountains: $100 - $250
16" - 21" Fountains: $350 - $800
22" - 28" Fountains: $750 - $1200
29" - 39" Fountains: $1000 - $2000
40" - 49" Fountains: $1900 - $4000
50" & up Fountains: $5000 & up

You can buy the fountain stone only with free installation instructions, you may buy an installation kit that includes all the accessories, or we can do the complete installation and placement. Range West installation kits are extremely heavy-duty. They are built to last many years with safety in mind and little maintenance.

Small Outdoor Installation Kit: $385
Medium Outdoor Installation Kit: $435
Large Outdoor Installation Kit: $525

Local installation including all accessories and electrical hookup: $1000

We at Range West can help you choose the perfect fountain from our existing collection, or together we can work to design a custom fountain just for you. In fact we pride ourselves on the one on one service that our small business allows. Because all of our fountains are made from local natural stones, each piece is distinctive in color, shape and texture.

Our gallery is open in Spring, Summer and Fall, 7 days a week, 10:30am - 5pm. In Winter, we're open 5 days a week, Thurs. - Monday 10:30am - 5pm and by appt.

2861 Highway 14,
Madrid, NM

Please call 505.474.0925 if you would like to have an appointment with Joshua Gannon directly or to discuss a custom creation.

Payment in full is required on all orders. Installations and custom orders should expect a 3 to 8 week completion time.

We have the capability to ship nationwide at affordable rates between $140 and $200.
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