Hornfels Bird Bath
Local Stones from New Mexico
Colors & Sizes Vary
Stone Vases
Colors & Sizes vary
$21 - $68
Andesite Granite Vases
Sizes: 5" to 2 feet
Prices from $12 - $75
Tabletop Fountains
$295 for complete set-up including all rocks.
$55 to ship anywhere in U.S.
Basin is 13" by 15" by 4" tall.
Andesite Granite Tables
Interior or exterior placement.
Cut on top and bottom.
Polished top.
Shapes and sizes are up to your imagination!
Basalt BOWLS
Prices & sizes vary.
Granite Bowls
Prices & sizes vary.
Basalt Sinks
We create sinks out of hard stones like rose granite, andesite and basalt.
We recommend custom ordering to ensure sizing.
Prices range from $500 - $3000
Granite Benches
Prices & sizes vary.
We can custom build to fit any size.
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