Dominique Samyn
Adobe Series:
I never thought myself to be a landscape painter. I live off grid on a 3.5 mile dirt road with endless views of high desert. This is a list of things that have inspired me to work on this series. It just happened. Infinite sky in all shades turquoise, blue, purple & pink. Purple of blooming sagebrush. Curtain of yellow chamisa. The shades of sand. Adobe, earth, sand, dirt, mud. Wild desert flowers. Indian pottery, arrow heads. Rainbow and the smell of the desert after the rain. The color of crisp air. Dryness of the wind. Stars. Coyote Fence. Barbed Wire. Galisteo River, dry and flowing. Smell of blooming Russian Olive and Salt Cedar. Juniper. Rocks, pebbles, gravel. My horses.

(The originals are mixed media on panel with a resin finish and the prints are emulsion transfers onto white and aluminum panels with a resin finish.The emulsion transfers are heat transfered on e at a time by the artist. Each transfer is imperfect, which is what makes this process have such a beautiful effect on the print. Some are printed onto aluminum and this has a wonderful effect on the light play between the ink, the image and the metal. If you've seen them in person already in our gallery you know what I mean.)

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